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"Brian has 10x'd our business! Actually more than that. He helped us to our best 4-month stretch in 20 years of business in the first 4 months that we worked together. I can attribute $150,000+ in revenue to his marketing plan for that time period. I can give people real numbers if they are interested in working with Brian."
-Dusty Smith, Smith's Heating, Cooling, and Generators 

"I had to fire my previous agency because they really messed up all of my SEO and marketing.  Brian turned it around and I'm ranking in the top 3 for my keywords in 4 months. Can't recommend him enough for SEO work."

-Erik Clark, HECK Services

"Brian did an audit of our Google Ads account and updated them all. I asked him to cut our ad budget in half and try to get the same results. He was able to do it the very first month."
-Dr. Ryan Case, Brookhaven ENT

"We asked for a list of all the home service companies in the top 20 markets for home sales. He sent us a list of almost a million contacts in about a week. Unreal time saver, tons of leads."
Cal Ray, Entrepreneur 

"My ads show up everywhere! Nearly everyday someone tells me they saw my ad on Facebook,, and even my son saw it in the computer lab at school. I asked Brian to place my ad everywhere in a 3-county area and it shows over 1 million times each month. That's what we needed."
-Morgan Springfield, Springfield Heating and Air

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