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What to expect if we work together?

Simple -There are a ton of people and businesses which are great at what they do.  They offer an incredible service and are in private practice or have a great product which benefits other people or businesses, BUT marketing is not their passion. 

They want more customers but do not enjoy the part of finding them and it’s difficult for them to focus on marketing when they’d rather be focused on their product or service and being of more value there.

This is where I come in. 

I help them review their current efforts, evaluate and offer up suggestions on how to move forward by getting more clients/customers with specific steps I will follow so this allows them to spend more time working on what they’d rather be doing.

Everybody wins. 

Most of my clients just want me to do it for them. Nothing wrong with that.

The client gets more business, their customers benefit from the product/service and I win by having a satisfied customer.


There are so many options out there. What works for your business?

Within the first few minutes of our initial meeting I can tell you what will work and what will not. How? I will research your business as much as possible before we ever meet.

No one like to meet and waste time, especially me. Agendas and correctly asked questions is key to digital marketing plans.

Internet marketing is changing so rapidly, for the better, that you can adapt to all the different ad platforms like a chameleon, with my help. You can't be on 1-2 different ad platforms and ignore the REST OF THE INTERNET. Your customers are everywhere. Go meet them.

Let's say you currently spend $1,000-$5,000 a month on print ads, billboards and other traditional forms of advertising. Nothing wrong with that.

If you invested that kind of money on digital advertising, with my help, you would be stunned by the daily uptick in sales. I can prove it to you.

Call me (601-665-7884) or email me (

I will start the research process for you and then we can meet and make a plan.


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