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How will digital marketing work for my service-based or retail business? No B.S.

Beware of people or companies offering advice and/or services that would offer a complete solution. Especially if they are the middle man.

These companies tend to focus on one media, like the internet, while ignoring other ways to find and keep customers, like direct response or email marketing.

I'm attempting to create fans of your company or product.

Not everyone wants to receive information the same way. One example would be some prefer to read a physical newsletter than a digital one. You cannot approach digital marketing while only thinking of the way that YOU use Facebook or Google.

I review your current efforts, and if you don’t have any or very little, that’s fine. I'm not suggesting you ditch everything you're doing just to let me take over!

I take this information and do the following:

1. First I’m going to give you more time to focus on what you enjoy about your business by taking all the responsibility of finding and keeping new clients/customers.

2. Determine effectiveness of current marketing efforts – Specifically return on investment (ROI)

3. Help you define your ideal client/customer

4. Market research of your ideal client/customer

5. Competition evaluation – who is the big dog in your category and why?

6. Design a Focused campaign which will attract your ideal client/customer in a way they will be loyal to you and limit the chances of them searching for another place to go

7. Setup a retention program so once you have this ideal person you can keep them

These are the basics – You must have someone working on this daily for it to truly be effective besides just an initial burst of awareness/sales.

We will set expectations early and YOU will be able to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, hourly, daily, weekly or whatever you decide.

Call me (601-665-7884) or email me (


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