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I like to help and contribute.


I'm a web designer, copywriter, and marketer and I have helped dozens of business owners grow their bottom line by converting digital marketing to sales.

The difference in other agencies and mine is that I do all the Google ads, social media ads, logo design , ad copy, etc. myself. You deal only with me and you receive reports on your ad performance from the first day they start running. No mystery and no b.s. from agency directors that pawn the work off on employees or overseas  workers.  I have to live here! I want you to be happy. 

Since 2016:

  • Built 104 websites for businesses (updated January 2023)

  • Brought real sales and results for clients

  • $125,000+ invested in Facebook Ads & Google Ads to date

  • Produced and edited countless product videos


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Marketing & advertising has changed forever. You need someone to show you how to make sense of it all and create more revenue for your business. 


I can reach your ideal customers when they are ready to buy.  

Brian Emory -- 601.665.7884 cell

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